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Wide-Range of Furniture Selection

Custom Made Design

Best Quality For The Best Prices!

Wide-Range of Furniture Selection

Custom Made Design

Best Quality For The Best Prices!


01. Always Innovative

We create more than 400 new models every years. Our designers participate in the best events and travel the world to get the most updated trends and fashion. We are also open for our partners to send us their own design to follow specific market results.

02. Quality Control

A team of 10 "FLYING" Quality Control visit 100% of our suppliers and control 100% of our items before delivery in our process. 100% of the products must also be approved by checkers before moving up to the next department. In our facility, we have a space of 30 m2 reserved for your QC for inspection.

03. Best Price For The Best Quality

Unique items, handmade production on large scale of mass production. Low margin to ensure the most competitive prices made possible by total control of all expenditure and optimized productivity. We also only require 30% deposit for production to make it easier for our clients to start.

04. Huge Factory Capacity

With more than 20.000 m2 of manufacturing facilities, we are capable to take any size of projects and ensure the security of your projects will be done in time agreed.

How It Works

01. Initial Contact

After your call or form sign up, we will send you our catalog for you to choose. For custom design, we will be requesting pictures or sketches and information of products for our R&D to determine the cost of development. A reliable quote will be submitted within 48 hours.

02. Quotation Proposal

After product selection or custom design research, the fee quote will be sent. If approved, 30% deposit payment invoice will be sent to you. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10 pcs/items for existing design and 25 pcs/models for custom design

03. Agreement & Production

Upon Payment of the deposit, the production will start. Normal production lead time is ±75 days. For custom designs, we will need ±1 month for pre-production sampling and will send the sample (by photos or physical sample) for your approval before launching the mass production.

04. Finishing & Delivery

All furniture will be packed with the most optimal method and delivered with the copy of documents, if needed. Then, the final invoice will be sent and upon balanced payment, you will receive all official document immediately.

Jepara, Indonesia


Production Factory

To keep up with the demand, we decided to increase our own capacity. So we established a new factory of 5000m2 to produce our high quality furniture items that will be sent afterwards to the finishing process.

Finishing Factory

Our 10.000 m2 finishing factory is the reflection of the heart of Pijar Sukma, a finishing factory of classic handmade decorative furniture. A place which has a global recognition for its highly skilled community of woodcarvers and artisans.

Storage Factory

This is where all finished furniture is stored in the most ideal conditions before delivery. In order to avoid defects during shipment, we use the safest packing methods uniquely designed for every kind of furniture.

+30 Artisans & Exclusive Suppliers

All of our expert artisans are 100% exclusive to Pijar Sukma. Each of them has become an expert in its own specialization and around 2000 pieces are being sent every week to our finishing factory.

Research & Development Facilities

Our R&D department is composed of a construction factory for new samples covering 400m2 as well as a finishing unit of ± 250m2. In total, ± 50 people are dedicated to INNOVATION and CREATION on a daily basis.

Finishing Solution

We offer a wide range of wooden & painted finishing as well as numerous fabrics & accessories. All made from high quality materials & precise craftsmanship.

Packaging Solution

Our packing methodology provides additional protection for all corners and layerings and many packing method to ensure your product to be delivered flawless without defect.


We believe that the success of a structure or a group can only be achieved through the development of each person involved. Therefore, we are committed towards putting our words into actions into these 4 areas:

01. Our Environment

A strong partnership with Trees 4 Trees™ reflected by more than 114.000 trees planted since the end of 2010.

02. Our Supplier

Helping our small artisan suppliers where we can with no interest loans to improve their workshops as well as listening to them on any matter we can help.

03. Our Employees

We value every single employee we have in their individuality, this leads into a cohesive group who all share the same goals.

04. Our Partners

All our team will give their heart to satisfy your needs and the quality of your production. We want to assure the best communication with all of out partners and put all our daily energy to create successful partnership.


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Indoor Furniture Specialists

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Indoor Furniture Specialists

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